Hai în echipa noastră!

Îţi place să fii printre oameni? Să îi asculţi? Să le dai idei? Să schimbi păreri? Să te simţi bine cu ei? Dacă da şi, în plus,

  • ştii să predai,
  • ai un nivel de limbă străină C1
  • şi vrei să înveţi continuu,

te vrem în echipa noastră!

Locul tău e cu noi!
Trainer la IH. Printre oameni.

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE este una din cele mai prestigioase institutii educationale din Marea Britanie, cu sediul la Londra, creatoarea standardelor de predare a limbii engleze la nivel mondial.
INTERNATIONAL HOUSE este in acelasi timp liderul cursurilor de engleza pentru afaceri din Romania.


“I worked for IH Bucharest during their 2017 Summer Camp in Romania, just outside of the town of Brasov. From the first Skype interview to the in-person meeting, the management staff were friendly and professional.

Working at the Summer Camp was a great experience and a lot of fun. The other teachers at the camp were great to work with – fun, supportive, knowledgeable and well organized. Although living on-site with children for 4 weeks can be demanding, the IH team made it very enjoyable – I felt part of a large and happy family.

Thank you again to IH management for the wonderful “Summer Experience” and to all the teachers that I was lucky enough to work with. A great team and a great time!” Matthew Phillis

“I worked for International House, Bucharest from February 2007 till December 2007. It was one of the most pleasant working experiences I have had. The atmosphere in the school is one of professionalism without being cold or impersonal. The staff go out of their way to be helpful and make you feel at home. The teachers are also very motivated and interested in their professional development which make the school constantly buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. Not only are the staff energetic but they are also able to pass on this feeling to the students making them keen and motivated learners and a pleasure to teach. I would highly recommend International House, Bucharest as a suitable working environment for foreign teachers.” Monica Koorichh