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Monica Green, Executive Director, IHWO London


Excelenta Sa, Domnul Paul Brummell – Ambasadorul Regatului Unit al Marii Britanii si Irlandei de Nord

Ruxandra Trifan (Training Manager)

As a manager of the Training Department in the Romanian Commercial Bank, I have the pleasure to highlight the excellent collaboration we had with International House in 2013 and to recommend this company as a trustworthy and high-quality partner, with respect to its training services, as well as its team of professionals.

Boehringer Ingelheim
Alina Cimpian (Manager Resurse Umane)

As part of a development program for the employees at Boehringer Ingelheim Romania, we had a direct collaboration with International House in order to implement a training program in 2015. In designing and delivering the training program, the consultants at International House examined the needs of the organisation and developed a personalised approach which suited our organisation. The level of satisfaction of everyone involved in this learning program is a high one, which indicates the high degree of professionalism in delivering and transferring knowledge. The learning instruments are varied and high-quality, the training is interactive and gives the participants the possibility to learn in a natural and appealing manner.

Deutsche Bahn Cargo Romania
Andreea Ciulacu

During our collaboration, which I believe was beneficial, I especially appreciated the quality of the services offered by the company representatives, showing great reliability and professional competence. Considering the learners’ feedback, which highlights the quality of the services offered, we recommend International House for delivering English language courses.

ING Bank
Diana Popescu (Training & Development Coordinator)

Throughout our entire collaboration, the International House company exhibited receptivity and flexibility in its relationship with ING Bank, offering high-quality professional services regarding both the content and structure of the course curriculum, as well as the logistics, thus managing to meet the requests and expectations we (both our company/the coordinators) and the learners had.

Universitatea Romano-Americana
Prof. Univ. Dr. Ovidiu Folcut (Rector)

International House proved to be a trustworthy partner, which stands out thanks to the quality of its services, its flexibility and its reliability in approaching all aspects of our collaboration. The course participants – teachers with high expectations – particularly appreciated the interactive teaching methods chosen by the trainers, which were adjusted to the specific developmental needs, as well as their dedication and involvement in creating a stimulating learning environment.

About teachers

“I was pleasantly impressed that, besides English, Mădălina also speaks German, which for me, as a German citizen and native speaker, was really helpful. Mădălina proved very flexible and responsive to my requests and needs. Her behaviour and attitude are very open, and her teaching method is very dynamic and interactive. Moreover, she provides lots of opportunities for me to have contact with the Romanian language and learn more about Romania as a country.”


„I would like to praise our teacher, Andra, who has been teaching me Romanian for a few months. Andra keeps the lessons fresh and covers topics which are both useful and interesting. She is always punctual and well prepared. She is patient and has a good understanding of Romanian culture. She has covered both grammar and vocabulary and she is willing to take time to ensure that I fully understand the content.”


“I appreciate Eduard’s perseverance, his attention to detail, the way in which he helps me become more aware of my discourse. I would also like to mention his flexibility and willingness to work with me using a variety of materials or discussing topics which are not included in the textbook but are still directly relevant to me. Last but not least, his open, optimistic personality ensures a relaxed atmosphere during the English classes, which facilitates a lot my learning process.”


“Mrs Diana Simionescu has a professional work style and a proactive attitude, always offering appropriate solutions due to her ability to foresee and overview developments. She is a communicative, dynamic person who is willing to work flexitime, and her direct style and spontaneity ensure good interaction and efficiency during classes.”

Luisa, Cristina, Manuela, Daniela, Alexandra, Elidiu

“Diana Nechifor has managed to demonstrate that learning French can be very pleasant. The classes have included games, thematic exercises, film screenings, listening to audio fragments and many others. These in-class activities motivated us to become better day by day, and helped us discover French culture. Diana is a very understanding, flexible and creative teacher, and the information she provides is always high quality. Moreover, we’ve constantly had mutual feedback, which made the French classes tailored to our needs.”


„As a General Manager of the bank I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent quality of your services. Each lesson has been a great opportunity to acquire new information and develop my skills in a very pleasant and useful manner.”


„Everyone at International House is professional and competent, from the staff working in the education and accounting areas to the teachers in the classrooms. When requesting the courses, whether Romanian or English, you are flexible and understanding towards our needs. The teachers always receive extremely good feedback from our staff. Their approach to the lessons is focused on the students learning as effectively as possible through a variety of methods, keeping the students interested and engaged.”


“We appreciate both the IH team’s responsiveness and openness to our business demands, and the trainers’ professionalism. We are fully content with our collaboration to date. Each time the trainer allocated by IH adjusted quickly to the working environment, met the company’s and the participants’ expectations, and the latter’s progress was visible and substantial. Following the latest training programme (Business English), finalised this year in autumn, we can conclude that the 25 colleagues enrolled in it reached their learning objectives, and the whole initiative was a success.”


“We decided to choose the courses provided by International House Bucharest based on the guarantee offered and the references received from partners who had accessed services provided by IHB and were extremely satisfied both with the course curricula and with the teachers. Studying English with IHB helped us translate technical literature, gather information from various sources and giving presentations at international workshops, symposia and conferences. The courses provided by IHB have the benefit of teaching English thoroughly on the basis of well thought-out textbooks, under the guidance of teachers with a very good teaching method, and in an interactive framework, which is of great help. We also appreciate the flexibility and the possibility to hold the classes at our office.”


“Throughout our collaboration, International House Bucharest demonstrated responsiveness and flexibility in its relationship with ING, providing services of high professional quality regarding both the content and structure of the course curriculum, and the logistic aspects, managing to meet and satisfy our expectations, as well as the course participants’.”


„The courses given by International House are excellent, proving it to be very competent, reliable and highly professional. We were delighted to find in International House a very understanding and flexible partner who has been up to expectations. After one year of working together, we have only praise for their work and commitment, seeing positive development in both English and Romanian knowledge in the company. The services provided are professional and in accordance to our needs.”


”During the English language course , International House teachers and teams have acted with a high level of professionalism, demonstrating the skils needed to develop customized courses based on specific student requests, to teach and train very efficiently, to solve any misunderstandings or issues occurred during the classes, as well as the flexibility and capacity to react fast to the needs of the students.  I strongly recomment IHB as a trustworthy and professional partner. The company′s teams have understood how to build a viable and efficient way of working to the benefit of both parties.”


“The members of the International House team have demonstrated professionalism and have responded promptly to all our requests, no matter how special some of those were, implying additional efforts.  The feedback of our employees enrolled on courses organised by IHB has been constantly positive about both the quality of the materials provided, and the trainers’ competence. I regard the IH performance as a valuable business card in view of any partnership dealing with professional training services.”