The first edition of “Preparation Centre Awards” announced its first winner

Out of the over 140 schools in competition for the first edition of Preparation Centre Awards in Romania, English Kids Academy (International House), Bucharest has been declared „the best training centre“ at the “step-by-step approach” category. This award acknowledges the quality of the students’ preparation for the Cambridge English exams.

In 2018, Cambridge Assessment English launched Preparation Centre Awards for the first time in Romania in order to reward the best exam preparation centres. There have been awarded three prizes for three categories: preparation method, new centre and step-by-step approach.

English Kids Academy (International House), Bucharest, one of the three winners

International House Bucharest operates in Romania since 2002 and is famous for the English courses provided. English Kids Academy is the specialized in English for children and teenagers of International House Bucharest. Throughout the academic year 2016-2017, 2400 children, aged 1 to 18 years old have been enrolled at the academy level. Out of which, 668 students took the Cambridge exams in May 2017 and the results obtained were outstanding: at the YLE (Starters, Movers, Flyers): 448 candidates, out of which 91% got maximum points for Speaking. A2 Key and B1 Preliminary exams – 191 candidates, 100% graduation rate.

„We recommend the step-by-step approach, as it is the best way for supporting and preparing children, both for real world communication and for obtaining excellent results at higher level exams, necessary to children for higher education and for the careers they will take up later on. The proof of its efficiency resides in the above-mentioned results, obtained by children who followed this step-by-step approach,” stated the IH Team.

In his turn, Mihai Laurentiu Ganj, International House Manager, said: „The cooperation with Cambridge English is essential for us. Cambridge exams are the main instrument for measuring the progress registered by our students throughout an academic year. Thus, parents are being sure that their investment in English courses at English Kids Academy was worth the effort, since the results are visible and well reflected by the exam results. We highly appreciate the way they are designed: friendly to everyone, adapted to the age categories they address, playful for the littles one, serious for the big ones, containing real life language and presented in real communication contexts. Moreover, the high level certificates represent a true passport, opening new horizons for the career and future of the children!”

„We are honoured by this award and we want to thank the entire Cambridge English team for their professionalism and objectivity in organising this contest. We also thank heartily the organisers for the idea of inviting us to discover Cambridge, to visit the famous university with its exceptional publishing house and printing museum, for the care and warmth they have welcomed, accompanied and inspired us throughout our stay in this great city of the British culture, but also of humanity. We thank Mr. Nick Beer, Regional Commercial Head Europe and North Africa, Mrs. Cécile LOYER, Senior Manager Marketing – Europe, Mrs. Steluta Stefanescu, Country Manager for the initiative of this project and for the great way it was organised to the minor details, from the very beginning until the end. We would also like to thank EEC, our partner in organising Cambridge exams, especially to Mr. Catalin Badanau.”

IH Team: „The Cambridge University Press textbooks for preparing Cambridge English exams are structured very well and user-friendly both by teachers and students. We always choose the latest editions, since appropriate and complete preparation for the exams is one of the main reasons parents choose our centre. Being able to provide courses with the latest and most complete training materials, containing the most efficient exercises, the suggestions, pieces of advice and recommendations from the best professionals in this sector, represent a tremendous advantage. Furthermore, we encourage individual study and these textbooks offer a wide range of resources to this respect. Briefly, we appreciate the materials from Cambridge University Press as being the most efficient for preparing Cambridge exams, but also for nice and attractive learning of English.”

Preparation Centre Awards, from A to Z …

► 5 participating countries: France / The Netherlands / Poland / Czech Republic / Romania

► 3 award categories / 3 winners in each country:

* Preparation method: institutions that best use the official preparation materials for Cambridge English exams, published by Cambridge University Press.

* New-comer: a new school which has introduced the preparation for Cambridge English exams recently.

* Step-by-step approach (‘Cambridge path’): an institution following the progressive preparation system and offering Cambridge English exams for all learning levels.

Institutions can compete under more categories, but can win only for one of them. For the first edition in 2018, Cambridge Assessment English has received more than 140 applications from Romania.

International Cambridge English Jury

Winners are chosen by a 5 members jury, Cambridge Assessment English experts: Francesca Woodward, International Network Manager; Guy Chapman, International Education Institutions Department Manager; Cécile Loyer, Senior Manager Marketing – Europe; Nick Beer, Regional Commercial Head Europe and North Africa and Sebastian Hockliffe, Sales Manager for Cambridge University Press


Trip to Cambridge on March 16th and 17th 2018, with the following agenda:

► Tailor-made training for award winners: design of training materials with editorial teams from Cambridge University Press

► Gala dinner, with attendance from Cambridge Assessment English and Cambridge University Press

► Visiting some colleges of the University of Cambridge with and official guide

► Calendar:

* Application deadline: November 27th 2017

* Award date: March 16th 2018, during the Laureate Gala

Cambridge English Exams

Cambridge English Exams are acknowledged internationally by more than 20,000 universities, employers and public institutions worldwide. They open the way to higher education, increase employment opportunities and education or work opportunities. Preparation for these exams allows all students to obtain a very good level of English, both written and oral. Preparation for exams can be done in the school where the student studies or in institutions such as language centres which offer exam preparation during courses that offer a well-defined learning path.


On Cambridge Assessment English –

Cambridge Assessment English is a department of the University of Cambridge (Great Britain) specialized in evaluating and certifying English skills. Yearly, more than 5.5 million candidates in 130 countries have a Cambridge English exam. Diplomas are acknowledged internationally by more than 20,000 de Higher Education Institutions, employers and government organisations.


“Cambridge exams are the passport opening new horizons for my children” – Alina, Ilinca’s mother, 10-year-old IH student

“Cambridge exams have allowed our son to reach a very good speaking, understanding and writing level in English, enabling him to enrol at a British university next year. Many children miss the opportunity of being admitted at a faculty abroad due to the fact that they did not pay attention in due time to studying English and to certifying the level reached. As a parent, involved in the education and development of children, I recommend Cambridge exams and the English Kids Academy preparation course for a better future and a successful career for our children.” – Mihai, Petru’s father, 17-year-old IH student.