Proiect Erasmus VR4LL

English Kids Academy (EKA) has promised #morethanEnglish. In addition to language education, he has provided and continues to provide education for character and personal development. In addition to a foreign language – life skills. In addition to courses – conferences, competitions, camps. Now, #morethanEnglish brings children, in addition to reality, virtual reality! Virtual Reality for Language Learning (VR4LL) is the latest European-funded project in which EKA has committed itself. In partnership with IH Split (Croatia), IH Sofia (Bulgaria) and IT experts from Spain, the project √ enhances the experience of learning a foreign language through innovative VR technology √ allows students to dive into otherwise inaccessible native environments √ develops communication skills in foreign languages √ strengthens the digital skills of language teachers Ready for the fabulous foray into the virtual world full of language themes, opportunities and surprises? Oculus Quest VR headsets are already purchased, starting in July 2020!