Erasmus Remote Theatre Project

Remote Theatre is the latest international project coordinated by International House Bucharest. The project is co-financed through an Erasmus+ KA2 grant and it is carried out in partnership with British School Pisa (Italy), Jantar IH Split (Croatia), The Hands Up Project (UK) and Molehill Holdings (Spain).

“Remote theatre is an exciting new genre of theatre that is being used to help learners of English to rehearse and eventually perform plays that they have created themselves to audiences around the world. It provides an opportunity for young people who have probably never even met anyone from another country to be heard and understood outside their immediate environment, enabling them to find a space where they can practice English, interact spontaneously, and share something of who they are and what they want to say in an interesting and very motivating context.” (“A Framework for Remote Theatre”, by Haneen Jadalla, English teacher, Gaza. Article published in IATEFL Voices/November 2020)

Classified as a project of “innovative development through transnational cooperation”, Remote Theatre has as its main goal to develop and implement live online theatre in language learning.

Young learners of English who are involved in the Remote Theatre project have the following benefits:

  • Ÿ they enjoy an innovative approach to English learning, having the opportunity to share their stories in English irrespective of their level, using the language naturally in a context of authentic communication that is highly motivating and memorable
  • Ÿ develop their intercultural competence through dialogue and understanding, by watching and discussing live plays created and performed by other learners of English around the world, and learning about realities in other places on the planet