International House Bucharest has been an EAQUALS-accredited centre since 2008.
EAQUALS (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services) is a world leader in
assessing language course providers, and the accreditation guarantees that IH Bucharest fully
adheres to EAQUALS’s standards of excellence in language teaching.

The quality of the language teaching services offered by IH Bucharest is checked regularly by
EAQUALS through inspections every four years. The latest EAQUALS inspection took place in
2018, when IH Bucharest “met the high standards required for EAQUALS accreditation” and
obtained 11 out of 12 points of excellence in the following areas:

1. Management and Administration
2. Course Design and Supporting Systems
3. Assessment and Certification
4. Academic Resources
5. Learning Environment
6. Client Services
7. Quality Assurance
8. Staff Profile and Development
9. Staff Employment Terms
10. Internal Communications
11. External Communication